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“Only 3 things happen naturally in organisations: friction, confusion & underperformance. Everything else requires leadership”


Peter Drucker

Responsible leadership is, of course, not about you….on the other hand it’s all about you,

and it can be a very lonely place.

How do you persuade people to follow you?


To understand your vision?


To take action?

Communication is and always will be at the very heart of great leadership. Guiding and inspiring your people to do the right things in the right way at the right time.


We help leaders clarify their thinking and communicate simply and powerfully.

GSB Comms have challenged me to think about communication as being a 2-way process. They have empowered me to improve not only how my message is received, but also helped me distill my message and transmit it more persuasively. They have enabled me to deepen my connections with others and ultimately improve my effectiveness as a leader.

Keith Aki-SawyerrManaging Director, International Development Enterprise Associates (UK) Ltd

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